Her Invitation Coaching

Our workshops create the foundations for the discovery and development of your personal power and influence. Our coaching builds on these foundations; we design the specific support you need.

We help you understand what’s really going on for you, clarify what you want to create, recognise how you are getting in your own way and make powerful sustainable changes.

We are women coaching women and we understand feminine experience. With us you will feel you are really listened to, you can be confident you will be dealing effectively with any issues that arise and you will always be looking forward, visualising your path and finding new innovative ways to make the things you want happen.

Her Invitation Coaching

Coaching Programmes

Empower Yourself:
Coaching for women who want to increase their personal effectiveness and achieve professional advancement and business success. Step up, shed old habits and challenge the status quo.

Love Yourself:
Coaching for women who want to improve their relationship with themselves, build powerful personal confidence and unshakeable self-esteem. Loving life starts with loving yourself.

Be Leavers:
Coaching for women who want to leave or are in the process of leaving difficult damaging relationships. We know there are so many women out there stuck in situations that may look fine from the outside but are really coercive and emotionally abusive. We help you from the inside out.

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