20th May 2019

Pressure Cooker Perfection- it’s time to say NO!

I remember when my Mum first bought a pressure cooker and I would watch with fearful fascination as it steamed and hissed and wobbled so much […]
24th April 2019

Am I who you think I am?

Getting behind the scenes with Imposter Syndrome I am feeling it right now That niggling doubt, the underlying sense of fear that I will be found […]
19th March 2019

The Overwhelm Ogre and how to beat it

The Overwhelm Ogre creeps up on you unawares; it’s all too easy to slip into an under-functioning state as your norm. Accepting daily low energy, headaches, […]
19th March 2019

Are you sabotaging your own happiness?

Do you want to feel happy? How many people are going to answer ‘No’ to that question? So why would anyone sabotage their own happiness? The […]