Empowerment workshops for women. A coaching/mindfullness escape at Lynette's home in Mallorca or Join her team empowering  women & learning entrepreneurial skills that'll transfer to ANY business!

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How to find your voice, say what you want & get people to really listen, without feeling guilty, flushing up or rambling Read more
Strategies & sentences to kick off a negotiation, without changing your personality, saying no or crumbling at the 1st hurdle! Read more
If little girls get one message, then little boys get the opposite. How to stop the ‘Man up’, ‘Be a man’, ‘Grow a pair’ culture Read more
Book yourself or your female team members on a workshop near you! Read more
Find out more about Creator Lynette Allen and why she started Her Invitation Read more
“The feeling I don't quite belong, so reverting to the little girl who feels she's not a fully paid-up member of Grown-up-dom!” Ally Oliver, HI Facilitator Read more
VIP 2 night Coaching/Relaxation Escape at Lynette's family home in Mallorca, is it time for you to get away, reassess, take some proper time out for you? Read more
Join our team and run your own arm of Her Invitation. It's your business to run around work and family life as you see fit! Read more